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Starting a Home Craft Blog that Pays

Have you thought about “Starting a Home Craft Blog that Pays?” Well keep reading because on COM today its full of tips… Let’s get started. 

There is a lot to be said for taking various ordinary items and using them to create extraordinary ones. Home crafts can consist of a number of different things, from scrapbooking to quilting, making your own holiday cards and decorations to creating scented candles.

One of the best things about your hobby is that you can share what you are doing with others who do similar things, or who might want to learn more about what you do. Many crafters fail to understand that this can also be a source of revenue. Teaching classes in person can be profitable, but an even more profitable method is to start a home craft blog of your own. How do you make money with a home craft blog? Here are a few tips for you.

Get Ready

The first step to starting a home craft blog is to get prepared. This involves a few key steps, and there are things to consider about each.

Purchase a Domain Name:

You need to have a name for your website. It should be both about you and what you do. Once you have chosen a relevant name, you also need to make sure that any abbreviation or running together of names you have done does not create any unfortunate combinations. Amercanscrapmetal.com is meant to be American Scrap Metal, not American’s crap metal, but it can be read either way.

Choose a Host: Your domain name is just the first step. The second is to choose a host. There are two types of hosting—shared and dedicated. Shared hosting is just that, shared. It is less expensive, and good for people who do not get a lot of traffic. However, if you expect your blog to become popular, you might want to eventually have the option of dedicated hosting. Choosing a host that has both options is often the best. Start with shared hosting and move to dedicated hosting when the need arises.

Choose a Theme: The theme is a framework that determines what your website will look like. There are both free and premium themes available on a number of different platforms. Choose one that is relevant to crafts (there are several choices) and that has a place for a blog that you can customize.

You can have a custom website created for you with a custom theme, and hiring a designer is not a bad idea. It will just be more expensive at the outset but may be better in the long run.

Create Some Great Content

Of course, to attract people to your home craft website, you will need some great content. In the craft field, this can consist of several different things:

How to Posts: Tell your readers how to do something step by step.
Things you Need: Discuss supplies you need to have on hand for your crafts.
Tips and Tricks: Are there certain tips and tricks you have learned for certain tasks? Tell your readers about them.
Photo Guides: Post photos of your work in progress, and its work as it is finished.

If you are going to use photos, be sure they are high quality. The level of cameras on cell phones is such that even an amateur can take great photos for a website, but just know how to take those photos. There are free community classes and even classes offered by Apple where you can learn the skills needed to take great photos.

Build Your Audience:

Once you have even a limited following, you can increase your audience a number of ways. The first is through word of mouth. Encourage your readers to share your blog with their friends and follower on social media.

The second is through paid advertising. This can be anything from social media ads on Facebook and Instagram to advertising on another craft website, or even PPC ads on Google. This is one of the many ways to gather new readers, and search engines also like to see that you have paid for ads This sets you apart as a real business.

Add Some Advertising

Of course, once you have invested in some advertising for yourself, others will also want to advertise on your blog. This can come in a number of forms, from links and sponsored posts to graphic ads.

Besides that, you can add native ads from advertisers like Amazon and Google. In the case of these ads, you will get paid every time someone clicks on one of those ads. There are other sources for ads like OutBrain that also pay per click, but not on the level that Google does.

You can also use affiliate links to make money. These links are unique to you and pay you whenever someone make a purchase through your link. These are usually not as reliable as the money from Pay Per Click ads, but when they do pay, the amount is typically higher than those offered by native ads. Amazon has affiliate ads too, and you can target the products you know your audience would be interested in, increasing your revenue.

Find a Sponsor(s)

Finally, you can make money with your blog and website if you have a site sponsor. The site sponsor is usually a brand of product or service that would be of interest to your readers. Because you have an audience for them, they want to be featured on your site on a regular basis.

In exchange for you featuring them prominently, a site sponsor will pay you a monthly fee based on traffic numbers, and if you are experiencing high traffic, that amount can be significant.

Creating something from nothing is an amazing accomplishment. If you are taking ordinary things and making them extraordinary, sharing that experience can actually make you money. Starting a home craft blog is certainly not for everyone, but it may be the revenue solution you are looking for.

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