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Small Bathroom Decor Makeover

Hello everyone. Today I am sharing my boys small bathroom decor makeover. Their bathroom is  down stairs in our new (old, but new to me) home. It’s a shared bathroom with our laundry. So the shower is directly across from our washer and dryer and three cubboards that hang above our washer and dryer (more on that in another post or maybe a YouTube video). This particular space I have struggled with, as far as deciding exactly how I was going to decorate it and make it cute, and “boy/guest friendly”. Well I ventured off to Jo-Anns and found everything to complete this space along with a couple items I already had in their bathoom. I couldn’t believe all the cute stuff JoAnn had, they have been getting more and more nice home decor items in. 

Below is all the items I used, minus the picture frame. Enjoy.

bathroom decor makeover5

My Jo-Ann finds.


bathroom decor makeover16

After!bathroom decor makeover8

bathroom decor makeover2

bathroom decor makeover9


bathroom decor makeover


bathroom decor makeover13


bathroom decor makeover3


bathroom decor makeover15

bathroom decor makeover9

My boy’s could honestly careless what I did with their bathroom, but now I am not embarrased to have guests use the downstairs bathroom if they choose.

Love it, and love all your visit’s too. 



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2 thoughts on “Small Bathroom Decor Makeover

    1. Yes’ I noticed the light bulbs all being different and the one being to large, after the post was published. That would be my “husband”. He says I am the “fashion” he is the “function” clearly fashion looks better. Jen

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