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DIY Clothing Accessories Anyone can Make

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Today it is all about-DIY Clothing Accessories Anyone can Make – DIY or do-it- yourself fashion projects is a great way to explore one’s fashion sense and creativity.

By creating DIY clothing accessories, you can express your own style and create unique pieces that aren’t available in any mall or store. Here, you can show the world who you are and how crafty you can get when the need arises.

Reasons to try out DIY

There are number of great reasons why you should try DIY or craft projects. It could be for practical purposes, when you have old clothes and fabrics that can be put to good use by creating new clothes or accessories or by recycling any materials available at home. DIY is also a great way to practice your creative and artistic skills, and if you’re really good at it, it’s an affordable way to stay fashionable by replicating fashion items you see by using readily available materials at home. It can also be a great way to earn profit as you can sell your creations to other DIY lovers and fashionistas.

Easy-to- do DIY Clothing Accessories

Listed below are 3 easy DIY projects that anyone can do no matter what skill level they have. Some may require sewing or a little bit of basic stitching, but everything listed below are easy enough to do no matter what age you are. For kids, always remember to ask the help of an adult especially when handling needles, scissors, and other sharp objects.

1) Infinity Scarf

This is a great and affordable way to update your outfit without taking too much effort or spending lots of money. Unlike a regular scarf, an infinity scarf has no end, it is one big loop that you can hang on your neck or even turn into a hood. Because of its design, it can be easily wrapped around the head or body a number of ways.

Materials needed for this project are:

Lightweight fabric preferably knit (3/4 yards and 60 inches wide), thread, needle (or sewing machine if available), pins, and scissors. This project does not require a sewing machine, but it would be faster especially when stitching together the long edges of the fabric.

2) Braided Belt

This is a no-sew DIY project that is a great craft project to do whether you’re alone or with company. It can be a fun and exciting project to do with kids, since there is no need to stich or sew anything.

Materials needed for this project are:

a yard of colourful fabric, and 2, ¼ inch brass pipe couplers. There is no need for any kind of sewing or stitching skill here. All you need to do is twist and braid the cloth as if you were doing hair. The couplers serve as embellishments to add flair to this homemade belt.

3) Denim Patches

Denim patches can be applied to a number of clothing items, like dresses, shirts, skirts, pouches, and so much more. In this project you can trace any shape or template to create your patch. If you don’t want to use denim, you may also use other fabrics like glittery textiles, suede, and even lace. All you have to do is trace the desired shape onto the patch, cut out, and sew. Materials needed for this DIY project are: tracing paper, denim material (or other fabrics), your chosen print or template, and the clothing you want to update.

DIY infinity scarf

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diy upcycled cardigan

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“SEW” fun! I love a good fasion upcycle/DIY. Sometimes it really takes no effort at all to make just the cutest fashionable item to complete your look.

Thanks, Jen


This was a guest post today via Andrew Simmons

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2 thoughts on “DIY Clothing Accessories Anyone can Make

  1. The infinity scarf is rocked, I made this scarf and in less than 10 minutes with my husbands t-shirt. It looks so great. The best and simplest DIY craft I ever seen.

    So excited to see the amazing creative ideas!

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