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Big News for Craft-O-Maniac!!!


Please be sure to watch the short video first. Thank you. 

Hiring Details:

  • Must know your way around WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter, FB, and Instagram. Must be familiar with editing tools such as Picasa or Photoshop etc. Must know how to work and navigate them.
  • Must have an eye for great sytle, decor, and quality of images and know how to create “roundup” posts. 
  • Must have some experience with networking and blogging.
  • Must be able to respond within an hour of emails. 
  • Must be postitive, organized, and reliable. 
  • Lastly, great ideas and creativity are always welcome

What you will be required to do:

Along with the above, your  job will basically be a “VA” Virtual Assistant. You will work 1 hr a day for a total of 30 hours a month @ $7.00 an hour, making it a total of $200.00 a month, to be paid by the 30th of each month.

I will have a calender sent to my “2” interns breaking down exactly what I am wanting you to do for the week. An example may be that one day I would like you to schedule about 5-6 different FB posts to go live on my FB page throughout the day. One day I may want a roundup of 12-20 summer salads. Again, these are just some examples.

To Apply:

Please email jencraftomaniac@gmail.com in the subject bar please put “Craft-O-Maniac Intern” Please provide 2-3 examples of work you have done either- FB shares, roundups, blog posts, tweets, and or creative projects, i.e.; crafts, recipes, DIY projects something you have created 2 to 3 images and/or shares would be great. I would love to see some of your work.  Also, anything else you would like to share. Please tell me a little bit about yourself as well as your familiarity with your computer, i.e. social media (100 words or less) Please share some of your previous work. 

As I mentioned in the video, the two I select as “Interns” will work for Craft-O-maniac for “1” month as a sort of trial run. After the “1” month I will announce who I have hired. From that point the new employee will be working as a “VA” for COM (Craft-O-Maniac). There will be a contract to sign and your employee contract witll run for 3 months, to which you may or may not continue to work for COM. 

All business aside, this will be loads of fun and is a super simple job. 30 hrs a month is not a lot when it’s just “1” hour a day. Its the prefect at home, low key job for a little extra income… even if its just for hair visits, nails, craft supplies, shoes, or handbag money. wink. 

I will select my two interns around June 28th. Best of luck to you all. 


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