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Photos Add Pizzazz To Home Decor

I love gallery wall, especially when I can add family photos. Today I am talking about how photos add pizzazz to home decor. Chances are, you might have seen culturally inspiring or scenic photographs and thought to yourself that you’d love to have those photos hanging in your home. Remember the photograph of a sailor who had just returned home, and in the excitement of the moment, he hugged a nurse in a white uniform? I bet if you saw the photo you would instantly remember it! It’s photos like this that are inspiring and can make outstanding home decor.

Now there are places you can see these photographs, choose the ones you love and buy copies to hang on walls in your home! You can find them in places like Photos.com by Getty Images. I know I could spend hours just browsing through photos by famous photographers like Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White and Slim Aarons. Once you’ve found photos that fit perfectly with your decor, you can have them framed in a choice of five framing materials; canvas, birch wood, acrylic, aluminum or framed paper.

Many Categories and Photographic Styles

You might find photos in categories like magazine covers, nature and wildlife, architecture (including icons like the Eiffel Tower), glamorous Hollywood shots, fashion, or even photos of famous musicians. Photographic styles might include vintage, black and white, panoramic, museum worthy photos, pop art or abstract. So many possibilities give you a lot to work with when it comes to choosing or adding to a decor style.

Classic photographs that capture attention or brighten up a space add elements of fascination and sophistication to your room in a way that few other art forms can. They have a great impact, and transform your room into a place everyone will love to be. You can go with a full photo wall, or simply choose one stunning, attention capturing photo to be the lone highlight of your wall.

On Trend

Using photographs to decorate walls is on trend today and it seems to be a trend with staying power. A trick to successfully displaying photos is marking a horizontal line in the center of the wall and choosing which photos will go above the line and which go below. If you can, try to choose frames that are the same or similar colors. This adds uniformity even though your pictures may be very different. The best part is being able to use creativity in designing a beautiful wall display!

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