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DIY Handmade Mother’s Day Bracelet

Hi guys, a few day’s ago I ventured off to one of my very favorite places.. JoAnn, and I picked out some darling “Blue Moon Beads” jewelry pieces to make my own bracelet. I found some cute camera’s and bird’s and then a few other helpful pieces. It was a tad hard since I wanted everything and everything was so pretty, so cute, so “pick me! pick me!” HA! Anyway, once I found the black beads I liked and drooled over the camera’s I pretty much new what I was going to make, and talk about super simple, like truly a 10 minute at most project. 

So below you will see the cute bracelet I made for Mother’s Day.

mothers day bracelet

How to:  I strung the beads onto the stretchy elastic, I wanted to reinforce the bracelet so I actually ran two pieces of elastic (same lenghts) through the beads. When I was done I took some rings and added the fun camera’s and one birdie charm to the center ( I did have some great jewelry tools to help me with bending and such). I then added the claw clasp and the little birdie charm to the other side. I tied on the clasp and added several knots. I ran out of the black beads so I did improvised with the clasp and the extra dangling birdie. However I love how it turned out. The little birdie, was added to the one side with another jewelry ring to let it dangle. Super easy project. 

mothers day bracelet3

mothers day bracelet5

mothers day bracelet6

What do you all think?

I have a plastic bin with a lid in my craft room filled with jewelry supplies, but not enough to go bonkers and make a bunch of jewelry. I love making jewelry though, and want to get some more jewelry making piece’s. It’s again so easy to do, and it’s personalized to your liking and such. Thank you all for your visit’s jen



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