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DIY Upcycled Easter Basket

Hi friends, 


Today I am sharing this fun upcycle from a beautiful and tasty filled Easter basket I received from Gifts .com  .It’s great to “go green” and usw what you have so I am all for a great upcycle. Without ruining the cute two tone white and whicker color/pattern I simply added some yarn and pom pom trim. I love the simplicy and whimsy it added. Plust its not permanent and I could easily replace the ribbons with different colors to go with different season etc. This basket is now being used for Easter. However, as mentioned if I switch out the ribbons, I could use it as a plant basket or a magazine basket etc. with coordinating colors. This basket is so cute and well made and I adore it. I love a simple, fun and cute upcycle. 

Lets take a look at some before and afters. 

diy dressed up easter basket1

Below is how the basket came. Yummy sweet, and amazing by the way. 

goodie basket

diy dressed up easter basket

diy dressed up easter basket13

All I did was loop and tuck the pom pom frindge into the basket weave. I did the same thing with the yarn, but used some scissors to help push it through. Super easy. 

diy dressed up easter basket2

diy dressed up easter basket3

diy dressed up easter basket4

diy dressed up easter basket5

diy dressed up easter basket6

diy dressed up easter basket7

diy dressed up easter basket10

diy dressed up easter basket12

Simple and sweet. 


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2 thoughts on “DIY Upcycled Easter Basket

  1. The basket itself is cute, so when you added the pom pom trim, it made the basket even more adorable! I definitely want to try this!

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