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Joanna Gaines Home Decor Inspiration

This is a dumb question, who else loves Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper? better yet, who loves Joanna’s decor style? (insert girl raising hand emoji and “10” of them) Yes’ I love them both and I love Joanna’s style, taste, decor. “Benissimo” smooch!

I love that Joanna incorporates rustic, galvanized, old vintage pieces. She loves mixing old with new and she does it so well too. Well today,  I have rounded up some Joanna Gaines Home Decor Inspiration for you all.

I could seriously look at this style of decor all day and create a huge roundup but I don’t think my 4  year old would appreciate that, plus the other kids will be storming my front door any minute now.

Lets take a look at all this fabulous decor, modern design, rustic, etc. from some amazing bloggers, websites.



blog joanna gaines home decor inspiration collage

chip and joanna decor inspiration8

Knick of Time
chip and joanna decor inspiration2

 Jenna Sue Design

chip and joanna decor inspiration1

Our Vintage Home Love

chip and joanna decor inspiration

Funky Junk

chip and joanna decor inspiration3

Rooms For Rent

chip and joanna decor inspiration5

Cherished Bliss

chip and joanna decor inspiration6

Liz Marie Blog

chip and joanna decor inspiration4

Liker Liker Ikke

chip and joanna decor inspiration 9

12 Oaks Blog

CBD Glass for a modern (rustic) look 

You can also check out how I upcycled this BHG coffee table, to go more with my style. 

DIY upcycled bhg coffee table text

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10 thoughts on “Joanna Gaines Home Decor Inspiration

  1. I think that this style will stay, do you?
    I like classic style that stays, either in my choice of clothes or design.
    Thank you for sharing.


    1. I agree, because its classic, clean and simple. You can’t go wrong with whites, and woods, and natural elements etc. Have a great weekend, jen

  2. I’m sorry but I totally disagree. I do not like Joanna’s style. It’s to rustic for me and I like antiques but I don’t like things you find in an old barn. But if the style fits, be my guest.

  3. Absolutely love everything she does to decorate homes! I’ve changed my country kitchen and shabby chic living room and dining room to Farmhouse style and I am so comfortable in it. Will probably be redecorating my family room and bedrooms to Farmhouse next.

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