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DIY Scrabble Wall Art

Hi friends, today I am excited to share this large DIY scrabble wall art project that I recently made. I got some help from this cute wood website called Craft Cuts. I picked out some scrabble tiles to spell out “The Larsens” along with all our  names. I have always wanted to create a cute scrabble project with my families names. I am so excited that I finally got to do it, and even better hang it up in our new home. 

What I did/How To:

– I ordered my scrabble tiles in 5×5

– I painted the stair well wall first with white paint. Its hard to tell in the pictures but the wall is white. wink. 

– I went to Home Depot and picked up a large piece of wood measuring 45 x 45

– Walnut stain, and a brissle brush

– Sander

How to- I first sanded my large piece of wood, then stained it. I then mapped out my scrabble tiles and then I hot glued them to the board. My husband used some cool hooks for the back of the board as well as the wall, to hang the heavy piece. I apologize I don’t know what the hooks are called, but just look for something that is strong and will hold a heavier piece, if you decide to make this that is.

I love how it looks on my stair well wall. Below are some before and some afters.

diy scrablle wall art1

diy scrablle wall art5-001

diy scrablle wall art

diy scrablle wall art4

diy scrablle wall art7

diy scrablle wall art8

diy scrablle wall art9

diy scrabble wall art love

I am thrilled with it, and its so big that it makes a statement. If you are interested in scrabble tiles, be sure to check out CraftCuts

This is a review of product, all opinions are 100% mine. 


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