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Plaid Fall Kitchen Decor

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Corabel Silerio

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EEP, who totally adores this time of the year? ME! (Emoji girl with her hand raised.) I know some are big on summer and beaches, which is great, but it’s my turn (wink) and I’m a fall girl. Today, I am sharing my “plaid fall kitchen decor.” I mean, are you all loving the plaid too? ME! again! I found a bunch of cute plaid decor at Target.  Target had a bunch of cute plaid items, and it was hard to decide exactly what I wanted, because-duh!-I wanted it all. I found some cute plaid mugs and that is when I knew I was going to theme my plaid fall decor in my kitchen and around our new rustic industrial shelves my hubby and I hung. I incorporated the yellow in with my fall plaid decor, because my chairs in my kitchen are yellow. It’s hard to decorate around that bright color. I love yellow, so it worked out great for me. The cute banner from Target has yellow in it, and a few other yellow additions to the shelves pulled it all together. 

Let’s take a look at my plaid fall kitchen decor. 

fall plaid kitchen decor13

fall plaid kitchen decor19

fall plaid kitchen decor11

fall plaid kitchen decor18

fall plaid kitchen decor20

fall plaid kitchen decor21

fall plaid kitchen decor24

fall plaid kitchen decor16

fall plaid kitchen decor28

fall plaid kitchen decor27

fall plaid kitchen decor7

fall plaid kitchen decor22

More fall decor ideas at this link here

fall decor ideas

It’s such a cozy place to eat baked apple pie or homemade chicken noodle soup, and sip apple cider or hot cocoa. I love it-cozy and perfect for fall. You all can find your style @TargetStyle Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Plaid Fall Kitchen Decor

    1. Thanks Emily, it was fun since we just bought a house, and I finally got to install (hubby) those ever so popular industrial shelves. Thank you so much, and good luck to ya. jen

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