The Fantastic 4 of Modern Living Spaces


The Fantastic 4 of Modern Living Spaces

Mark Brandon is your friendly neighborhood DIY builder. With plenty of experience in home renovation and inspection, he enjoys sharing what he has learned through his blogs. He leads the content team for Safe and Sound Property Inspections. In this article, he will reveal to us the secret of an excellent modern living room interior design.

The movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, may had been a trend in the entertainment industry but it’s not quite fancy in your living room. Most modern living rooms have adopted a neutral palette for their walls and they need colors to have more character and style. The trend in modern living room designs is to combine timeless classic furniture designs with vibrant colors and modern fixtures to create a classy and tasteful interior.

dark leather couch and wall

The Four Pillars of a Modern Living Room

Here are the top 4 decorating trends that shape modern living rooms in 2015. Let’s call them the Fantastic Four in modern living room design. 

Bold Couches with Bright Hues – Because of the neutral backdrop in

  1. most modern homes, vibrant colors on large furniture has become the turning point for many home decorators. Whether its bright red, sensational blue, daring green or energizing orange, huge couches become a central attraction to the modern living room. One of the most sought after furniture is the classic chesterfield sofa.A Gorgeous Gallery Wall – A beautiful collection of curated artworks framed with glazed surfaces and straight lines can make an ordinary house into a cozy and inviting home. This gorgeous gallery wall adds a personal touch to your modern living space. It’s an excellent way to create an accent wall to your interior living space.
  2. Stylish Book Cases – This is another head-turner in your modern living room. There are several stunning designs of bookcases that can give a dramatic appeal to your living space. You can either have those exquisite wall units or standalone book shelves. You don’t need to worry about having to fill them up with books. Instead, you can use other decorative pieces to fill up the empty spaces. Standalone bookshelves can also serve as a divider to distinguish space in an open-floor living area.
  3. Sleek Tripod Lamps -Tripod floor lamps started gaining popularity since the later part of 2014 and it has been said to continue its trend until the next year. It is because it looks really chic in your modern living room. Although space can be a big issue, you can still enjoy the beauty of these tripod lamps. You don’t need to buy those oversized ones. Just find the right size for your living room space.

The Earl of Chesterfield

You may be wondering why the Earl of Chesterfield is specially mentioned here. Well, he was just known as a great trend setter in all of England in the medieval period. He was the man behind the construction of an elegant furniture called the Chesterfield sofa. His name was Lord Phillip Stanhope and he was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, England. He was the one responsible for the birth of the famous leather sofa which is now known as the chesterfield sofa. The Earl’s purpose for the design of such kind of sofa was for him to be able to sit upright comfortably without wrinkling his garment. Today, the chesterfield sofa has made an indelible mark in England’s history. It has become a symbol of elegance and royalty.

The Secret of Excellent Modern Living Interior Designs

It’s all about sophistication and comfort. Just like the late Earl of Chesterfield, many homeowners are looking for a living space which they can be proud of and yet still enjoy the rest and relaxation that they always wanted. Who would not want to feel like royalty in their own home? Modern living interior spaces aims to create the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication in your modern home.

But the natural color of leather may not be very appealing to the neutral palette that most modern living homes already have on their walls. You have to add a bit of color to grace the scene. These vibrant hues will redeem the original elegance of this timeless architectural masterpiece. In contrast to the neutral colors of the walls in most modern homes, a lively color makes furniture standout inside the room. Elegant furniture makes an excellent focal point in a modern living space. The secret of an excellent modern interior living space is the balance between traditional and modern structural designs

About the Author:

Mark Brandon is the lead content curator for Safe and Sound Property InspectionsAs a DIY builder, he had plenty of experience in home renovation and inspection. He shares his learnings online through his blogs to help some people. You can also reach him through Twitter.

Thank you Mark, beautiful images and great tips and information on decor and design. Also, thank you all for visiting today, Jen


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