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Patriotic Hutch Decor 2015

Hi friends, I just finished decorating my Patriotic Hutch Decor 2015, literally 30 minutes ago. I wasn’t going to decorate this year, but a trip to Michaels and a finding a few patriotic summer looking items changed my mind. I only bought 5 things from Micheals to create this look. The rest of the stuff, I shopped my closet of seasonal and other home decor items, then I started adding, moving, and rearranging my hutch until I got the look I wanted. I love how it turned out, and I love the bright pop of yellow. So its my red, white, blue, and yellow patriotic hutch. wink. 

Lets take a look. 

patriotic hutch decor2

patriotic hutch decor4

patriotic hutch decor5

patriotic hutch decor7

patriotic hutch decor8

patriotic hutch decor12

patriotic hutch decor11

patriotic hutch decor10

patriotic hutch decor with dolls4

patriotic hutch decor with dolls3

patriotic hutch decor1

For this festive and delicious “Patriotic Fluff Salad” you can visit this link

4th of July Fluff Salad

Receycled Airbourne bottles into “4th of July Gumball Container Poppers!” Kids will love these.  

4th of july gumball container poppers 1 pic monkey

DIY USA Cork Board visit the link

diy usa cork board best pic monkey

I hope you all have an amazing 4th of July this weekend. I can’t wait for ours I picked out cute festive outfits for my kids and we have family visiting from CA. and we bbq and light fireworks. YEAH! jen

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2 thoughts on “Patriotic Hutch Decor 2015

  1. I saw your hutch decorated for different holidays on Pinterest a while ago, and I have to say it is my favorite thing I’ve ever pinned! I just love how you decorate it! For about six months I looked all over for an open hutch similar to yours and I finally found one! I bought it and I’m going to paint it white. I’ve been collecting dishes at thrift stores, antique stores, and Home Goods since then and I’m so excited to display them! Thank you for your inspiration if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have thought of decorating a hutch like this! It’s been fun getting it ready and it may sound silly, but it has brought me a lot of joy.

    1. Hello Lisa,

      This by far has been the best comment and “compliment” to date! I am so thrilled for you that your treasure hunting finally paid off. I am so thrilled to inpsired you with this too. YEAH! Its the funnest thing to decorate for the holidays too. Each holiday you can do different themed plates and such, its the best. Enjoy and thank you so much for sharing this with me. XO, jen

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