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Patriotic 4th of July Decor

Hello friends, I can’t believe the 4th is next Monday, and even crazier we are already half way through this year. I know! I know, no reminders. wink! I love 4th of July, its such an iconic holiday being that it’s the “All American” holiday. Nothing says I am an American like a BBQ, watermelon, flip flops, stars and strips, and fire works in the sky. I adore everything about it. We have had a tradition in our family for over 5 years now too. We have family that always comes down from CA. andwe have a BBQ fiest, cousins play, sometimes in the water too,  we laugh, we eat, we light fireworks, all the kids are bouncing with excitment and its just all around amazing. 

Plus, many many years ago the Mormon pioneers settled in Utah on the 24th of July, so we celebrate “Pioneer Day” in Utah on the 24th as well. That means, I get to enjoy all my patriotic decor even longer. That said, even if it was for the two holidays, this decor is great for just the summer anyway. Did I mention how much I love this holiday. I can’t wait to see my kids in all their 4th of July clothing too. YEAH!

Here are some pictures, and I would love it if you checked out my YouTube video of my decor as well. If you want to subscribe, well heck’ I would LOVE THAT TOO. 


….. Grab a cookie and enjoy. 

patriotic 4th decor12

patriotic 4th decor9

patriotic 4th decor6
patriotic 4th decor5

patriotic 4th decor2

patriotic 4th decor

patriotic 4th decor8

patriotic 4th decor3\ patriotic 4th decor4

patriotic 4th decor10

patriotic 4th decor11


Here are two tasty recipes for your 4th of July get together. 

Fruit Fluff Salad

fruit fluff salad text

Patriotic Fruit Fluff Salad

patriotic fluff salad


xo jen



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