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How To Redecorate Your Bedroom on A Budget

Today I’m talking about “How to Redecorate Your Bedroom on A Budget.”

When it comes to making changes in your home’s furnishings and décor there

are some areas where you can spend next to nothing, and some areas where an

investment buy is all important. In a bedroom, one area where you can’t afford to

skimp is on your bed. Considering that we spend a third of our lives asleep, you

need a comfortable place to rest your head.

If you want to overhaul your boudoir on a budget, follow these steps to bedroom


Make the Bed the Focal Point

Whatever else you want to include in your bedroom in terms of furniture, always

make the bed the focal point. If you need to upgrade your bed head over to

bigbrandbeds.co.uk, and choose the style that appeals to you most. Also, if possible

get a headboard that is a real statement piece, and which will draw the eye.

Choose Your Theme

Once you have chosen your bed, decide on what kind of theme you want for the

room: sleek and minimalist, country romantic or bold color statement. Once this

is clear in your mind it will make purchasing everything else much easier, in terms

of paint, fabrics and accessories. Remember, when you are decorating a room on

a budget, where possible you should think about recycling what you have, even if

you give it a new twist. If you do need to buy new items, always shop around for the

lowest costs, either online or at local bargain stores.

Make the Walls Your Canvas

The best way to update any room, for very little money, is to paint it a new color.

This won’t cost a great deal, it will just take a time investment from you, to give it a

couple of coats.

Another option is to paint three walls and then wallpaper the area behind the bed.

This can really have a big impact on the appearance of the room, and because you

are only doing one wall you can often find a great paper in the cut price oddments

bin at your local DIY store. This bin is usually filled with wallpaper designs, where

only one or two rolls are left.

Bring Furniture Up To Date

The other furniture in your room, such as wardrobes and chest-of-drawers can be

overhauled with very little outlay. Consider adding chalk paint, stenciling or even just

adding new handles to create an updated look.

Accessories and Fabrics Complete the Picture

If you can’t afford new flooring for your room, but your floorboards are of high

enough quality, you could consider stripping them back and either painting or

varnishing. If that isn’t an option, stay with the floor covering you have and just add

some low cost rugs to cover up what’s there. If you are craft focused you can make

some great low cost rag rugs or even crochet an original design.

With curtains and cushions, the more you can sew yourself, the lower your costs

will be. Maybe you could even beg a family member or friend, who is handy with a

needle, to help out. Failing that, bargain stores and charity shops often offer a great

range of very low cost items that you can use to ring the changes. Vintage never

truly goes out of fashion so whatever you buy, as long as it fits with your room’s

theme, is going to look great.

The best thing about changing any room on a budget is that you don’t get too

precious about what you have purchased, and therefore you can alter accessories

as you tire of them or with the seasons. A bedroom should be a place of retreat from

the world, and with these decorating tips you can truly make it a clean, fresh place to



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boysbrrykbedI hope these bedroom tips help you decorate your next bedroom on a budget.

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