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Summer Patriotic Kitchen Decor

I just love red white and blue (and yellow this year too) decor. So I am sharing my Summer Patriotic Kitchen Decor. Truly these colors make me happy and make me feel so proud to look at them. When I decorate in these colors and see these colors, I think of Freedom, Summer, Watermelon, BBQ, Water Fun, Fireworks, and all things that symbolize America and Freedom. My  kids are home for summer now and we have started some of these fun summer traditions and celebrations. Like me, my kids love seeing the patriotic colors and decor,  for them its a reminder of all the fun summer things we/they can do to enjoy their summer.  So a few days ago,  I had some fun decorating the eating area in our kitchen, and I love how things turned out. Lets take a look shall we.

pin wheel flower and vases  tablescape1

The darling Pinwheels, flags, and even the pennant you kinda see in one picture are all from Oriental Trading.

pin wheel flower and vases  tablescape2

summer hutch1

summer hutch cupcake liner jar

summer hutch2

summer hutch3


bicycle hutch side bright

summer patriotic kitchen decor3

summer patriotic kitchen decor4

My sweet boo let me purchase this old and “previously”  beat up gumball machine at an antique store for Mothers Day. I only took a couple before pictures on my i phone but they aren’t good enough to share. So anyhoo, the before was a super sun faded red with bad chips everywhere. The base was a faded chipped black with white corrosion and rust on the legs. My hubby sanded, primed, and painted the whole thing for me (yes he is a fine dime HA!). The glass bowl was even badly corroded in hard water, and he cleaned that up real nice with some CLR. So you are seeing the after, minus some smudgy looking foggy glass from hand prints of  little toddler boys.

vintage gumball machine

summer patriotic kitchen decor2

summer patriotic kitchen decor6

summer patriotic kitchen decor9

summer patriotic kitchen decor7

summer patriotic kitchen decor5

summer patriotic kitchen decor8

 When I look at this space, it makes me want to ride a bike down to the ice cream shop, then  back home to plan an evening  bbq, then water fun, and end the night with fireworks (cheesy, maybe? but I love it). Happy Summer.


This is a review post of some products from Oriental Trading. All opinions are 100% mine.

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5 thoughts on “Summer Patriotic Kitchen Decor

  1. Some really nice ideas Jen…hope they are not copyrighted or anything like that because I will be doing something similar here in Australia

  2. Your AMazing. I love your creativity and I want to be your clone. ❓❓❓❓where did you find those bicycles. My sil needs some for her nursery.

    1. Hi emily, HA! Thank you, you made me blush. The red bicycle was from JoAnns last summer. They teal bicycle I mounted onto the painted faux fence was from Ace Hardware.

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