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Hip Klip Purses ~ The Perfect Girl Gift!

Hey guys, boy’ do I have the perfect “Girl” gift idea for you. I got to review the cutest 3-D Flower “Hip Klip” from Purse Bling, who my daughter is “now” the proud owner of it. She earned it though, letting me photograph her wearing it. She loves it so much and squealed when I showed it to her. This bag is great for girls of the ages of “7” and up.  

These bags would be cute to give to your friend, sister, mother, niece, daughter, etc. They are even PERFECT for a family vacation! The long strap is great to wear on your shoulder or cross body. If you don’t want to wear it on your shoulder or cross body you can leave or remove the strap and open up your “hip klip” and clip it to your belt loops. The teeth on the “hip klip” are perfect for that tight grip, and they lock into place with the little “hip klip” tab. It gets even better though, you don’t need belt loops to use the “hip klip” feature, because they clip great to any garment even yoga pants and skirts.  I love the “hip klip” feature. As I mentioned, the “hip klip” feature makes it hands free and perfect for any vacation park. Below you will see the clip feature in some of my photographs. 

See the cool teeth on the “hip klip?” The are two and and they clip perfectly to your belt hoops. LOVE IT! 

Purse Bling just got some new double zippered Hip Klips in too, woot woot. 

If you order any, you can use this awesome promo code CRAFTO! 

Also to keep up on all things Purse Bling you can follow them on FB.

You guys will love them, and again they make for a darling gift idea. 

Thank you guys for stopping in today.

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