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The Fun Family T-Shirt

Family trips, especially extended family trips, can be really fun. Getting everybody together and going somewhere exciting is a great way to bond, catch up with each other and build shared memories for the future. At the same time, when traveling as a large group, keeping track of who belongs can be difficult, especially for family members who are unfamiliar with each other.

One of the best ways to solidify your family’s identity as a group as well as help everybody keep track of each other is to have family t-shirts printed up for everybody to wear. At the same time, nobody wants to have to wear the same shirt every day on vacation. And there are bound to be people (most likely those in their teens and early 20’s) who might not like the idea of identical t-shirts. Here is how you get around those obstacles:

To see more on how to make this shirt go here

1. Come up with a family logo (keep it basic) and have it printed up on a bunch of t-shirts. (www.ooshirts.com is a great vendor for this). The logo needs to be white. The background of the shirt can be any color you want (though you might want to have it be white…for reasons we’ll explain in a second). Make sure you print up enough for everybody to have their own fresh shirts every day.

2. Allow the people in your family to further customize their shirts around that logo. Here are a few ways that you can do that.

Fabric crayons and markers: Buy a bunch of fabric crayons and markers and let the kids (and whatever grownups want to do so) go to town decorating them.

Puffy paint: playing with puffy paint is just plain fun. Event the oldest members of your family will have fun drawing on their shirts with puffy paint.

Fabric paint: It’s the same basic concept, but with paint. Turn your family shirts into your own impressionist paintings with paint.

NOTE: Do not paint anybody’s name or allow anybody to write, draw or paint their own name on the shirt. This is just basic “stranger danger” safety. This is why your family came up with the logo—to identify yourselves as a group without having to use actual names.

Have fun on your next big family adventure, t-shirt fun and all!

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