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What to do in Oceanside, CA

You can find one of the best Pacific Ocean views on the West Coast in Oceanside, CA, a charming San Diego beach town. The city of North County is home to a port, marina, and harbor with world-class water sports. It has stunning beaches and a coastline, making it the perfect place to go surfing.
Oceanside has a lot of spectacular places that attract tourists from all over the world. If you plan on visiting the city, we have compiled the best things to do in Oceanside , CA.

Best things to do in Oceanside, CA
Drive, pedal, or walk the strand From Wisconsin Avenue on the southern end to the Breakwater Way on the northern end, the Strand is a 1.5-mile-long street that runs parallel to the Oceanside coastline. You’ll find cars crawling along the Strand all summer as people check out the waves and the crowded beach landscape. Vehicles share the one-way, single road with pedestrians, bicyclists, dog walkers, and surreys.

Explore oceanside harbor village
One of Oceanside’s famous coastlines is the scenic Oceanside Harbor Village. You can find various waterfront dining options and boutique stores selling nautically- themed apparel, gifts, and souvenirs. Popular things to do in Oceanside include renting kayaks and paddleboards for a cruise around the harbor, participating in a sport fishing excursion, or simply fishing from the harbor pier.

Take a selfie on wave rider helicopter tours
This new tourist destination in Oceanside is ideal for the “adventure selfie
culture.” Impress your friends with a photo of your feet hanging from a helicopter high above the Pacific Ocean and the Oceanside Pier.
Trips go from ten to 75 minutes for a maximum of three passengers at a time. Get a bird’s-eye view of the coast of California, from Laguna Beach to downtown San Diego.

Experience your first grunion run
If you’ve never witnessed a SoCal’ Grunion Run,’ here’s how it is done. The first is a grunion run, which occurs at night when tens of thousands of tiny silvery fish ride the waves onto the shore to spawn. To experience it, you’ll have to schedule your visit with the most likely coastlines on three- to four-day intervals occurring just after high tide following a new or full moon.

Play golfing with your friends
Oceanside’s golf scene is dynamic and diversified – offering specialists and
amateurs great opportunities to perfect their game and actively engage in the city’s authentic golfing community. O’side is home to San Diego County’s first golf course, and since then has grown to provide golfers a multitude of choices spanning from country club settings to PGA Championship courses. Some venues even have views of the seaside, so you can take in the lovely scenery while you play.

Explore the beautiful arts and culture
The vibrant arts and entertainment scene of Oceanside is a cornerstone of its Original spirit! O’side, one of California’s first officially recognized cultural districts, showcases diversity and creativity for visitors of all ages.

With world-class museums, theatres, weekly markets, vibrant public art
exhibitions, etc., Oceanside is a popular destination for inspiration, education, and entertainment among locals and tourists.

Final thoughts
Oceanside has expanded to be a location with a vibrant culinary and craft
beverage scene, vibrantly colored public art painting the streets, exotic
experiences to relish, and much more – making it the ideal spot to park your car and create memorable vacation experiences!
It is also known for its iconic wooden pier, wide sandy beaches, scenic harbor, lively downtown, and a growing reputation as the top foodie destination in San Diego County.

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