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10 Tasty Mouthwatering Treats

If its to hot outside to be outdoors, and there no close pool or lake by, or perhaps you are one of the ones dealing with loads of rain.. well then here are some Tasty Mouthwatering Treats to get you baking and playing in your kitchen. Heck’ grab your kiddos, put an apron on them, and have them help you in the kitchen. It can be a fun “summer like activity!” you know.. “Baking Day!” 

So get ready to live when you see all this eye candy, for reaaaaalz! YUM!
Banana Split Dump Cake from Lemon Tree Dwelling Here 
 Mini Cannoli Cheesecakes from Will Cook For Smiles Here
 Cherry Icebox Cake from This Silly Girls Life Here
Coconut Crusted Stuffed French Toast from Will Cook For Smiles Here
 Rocky Road Ice Cream (no machine) from Architecture of a Mom Here
 Lemon Poppy seed Brunch Cake from Darling Doodle Here 
 Peanut Butter, Chocolate, & Butterscotch Fudge from Servings For Six Here
 Vanilla Ice Cream Cheesecake from Mostly Homemade Mom Here
Chocolate Ganache Brownies from Servings For Six Here
Fresh Blueberry Pic from Handmade Frenzy Here
Now tell me you don’t want to sink into one or all of these? Well go GET up go make one that catches your fancy. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping in! Hugs, jen

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