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Summer Hutch Decor

I wanted to add some red to my hutch, so I did just that. Not a whole lot just a few little touches. I am still going to add another red vintage piece to the top like some other kind of silverware or baking item. The ball jar, silverware, pastry utensil, old pot, old potato masher, and melon baler are all thrifted. I love finding vintage kitchen items. I love thrifting period! I also wanted the hutch decor to be about fruit we all love fresh juicy fruit. Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy it too.
I really “REALLY” love changing out my hutch (have you all noticed wink?!) and having a hutch is a super great piece of furniture to do that with. I know I show mine a lot for the different holidays or seasons, but its just that fun!
I also created a plate wall centered around some framed faux apple art. To create the apple art, I took two different sized faux apples and cut them down the middle. Then I used some cute yellow and white polka dot Canvas Corp. scrap paper and hot glued the apples down onto the paper. I placed the paper with the apples into the frame and was done. 
 This look is on both sides of my kitchen window, I will show the full look in  a later post when I get my table re-done. 
 Thank you all for stopping in. Happy Summer Decorating!

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