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The Hubby and I have BIG News!

For starters, I will have to go back about 6 months ago. Kevin and I have talked an awful lot about starting a food blog. We both love to cook, and we save money doing so by eating at home 95% of the time. We also have a large family of six which we love feeding and preparing food for. So before I get into the big news, I have some history to get a bit into that led us to our ultimate decision. 

Both Kevin and I have been waiting over a year to see if he would land any of the three government jobs he had applied for in Oregon. Which would of put us closer to his folks, plus we lived there once before for 10 months, and loved it. However, out of the three interviews, and the third looking the most promising with more then one interview and an extensive back ground check.. we thought he landed this last job “for sure.”  Well’ he didn’t get the job! I was beyond sad, frustrated, and even angry. WHY? he looks so great on paper, has a degree, has tons of experience, and a clean background, it just didn’t make any sense. It was so hard to face, because it  just felt so meant to be. Plus one huge perk would of been more money, we both felt our future for our family would of been much brighter. Needless to say it was a big “BIG” let down. 

So while lying in our bed one night having just gotten the email turning him down, and all my pouting and ranting.. Kevin, who had been laying in silence said “Well I guess we can start that food blog we have been talking about!” His answer to me felt so strong and his surety felt even more comforting. I felt that in that moment this is what we were meant to do, and what GOD wants us to do. “There is always a plan!” So we have been working really hard for the last month or so learning WP on our own, installing it, as well as plugins and every other little thing and “hiccup” in between. We still have much to learn and some more fine tuning to do, but its ours! Eek! we are excited, thrilled, and can’t wait for this tasty food journey of ours. 

Our blog is called 
We would be so thrilled if you followed us on our delicious food journey, I promise you all will be “satisfied!” 

You can follow us on our 
etc. anywhere, or everywhere winks. 

We can’t wait to start sharing how we serve up our family of six, and how you all can serve up your family’s as well. Come join us in our tasty journey
Psssst, COM is going no where! I will be here too. xo 

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12 thoughts on “The Hubby and I have BIG News!

  1. Just took a peek at your food blog, it looks great. So happy to that this is working out well for you. I just started my blog and have been trying to learn the ins and outs as well, would love it if you told us which blogs and websites have been the most helpful in developing your new site. Good luck! 🙂

  2. WOW, what a big step. But what a bigger step trusting God to lead the way for you! Whoo-hoo! I smell delicious aromas in your futures!

  3. It’s exciting you found something that felt so right in the midst of disappointment. I am excited for the new blog; I will definitely head over there now and follow you guys! You rock, you know that?

  4. Everything happens for a reason…if we don’t believe in that, we’re ALL trouble!
    I have a family of 6, cook almost every meal to save money AND have a TINY bit of fun with which ever child wants to join in on cooking with me.
    I look forward to seeing you guys rock the food world!

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