Trash to Treasure~ Chic Elk Bookends

Eek, do I love these Elk (i think they are elk?) bookends! I found them at the thrift store sitting on a bottom shelf. I freaked because I know how popular these guys are. I snatched them up quickly and put them in my cart. These guys are super well made “one of a kind” made by an artist who even has his name carved into the Elk’s bodies. They are hand crafted, heavy duty, “real” solid oak wood, and hand made to perfection. Now’ all though they are all those fabulous things, I wasn’t happy with the original state they were in. I had to give them a “Chic Makeover” I love the after! white with some turquoise blue coming through once sanded around the edges. The Elk forms are painted in Martha Stewart gold gilded paint. 
So check out my Trash to Treasure! What do you think?

  (pssst i have never read those books, they are for decor purposes only! so please don’t judge my reading non-reading likes! winks)


Aren’t they fab.? well I think so.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thrifting, its the best!
Hugs, jen

GUESS WHAT? as much as I adore them, and I really do. There is no real fit for them in my home right now, and they just aren’t going with my stuff… Soooo they are for sale. First come first get! As soon as they are paid for, I will ship them out same day. 


  1. I have really resisted the animal head as decor for a long time….but I really like these!

    Britt @ Creating Space for Five

  2. Amazing (as always)! What a change! Those are super fantastic <3

  3. I love them!!!! The before is so ugly but the after is so Pottery Barn!

  4. Isn’t the thrift store great? I hated it when I was younger but now I love it! I Love what you did with your find.

  5. That is beautiful how you re-painted those deer and made them some how more of a neutral decor item.

  6. They are really cute.
    I was thinking it would have been really funny if you used them to hold up the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy 🙂

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