Great Tips on How to Introduce Color to your Home

Introducing color to your home

Home decor may be considered largely a matter of personal taste, but there are a few basic rules that most people understand. For example, lighter colors on walls, floors and ceilings can make small rooms look bigger, whereas darker colors shrink spaces so that larger rooms appear more intimate.  In fact, astute use of color is an important tool when it comes to home decorating, and there are a few tricks to introducing color that are really effective and surprisingly easy.

Work smarter not harder

Painting walls, choosing floor coverings and selecting major items of furniture such as sofas, tables and chairs are the most familiar ways of adding some color to each room. In a living room, bedroom or den, for example, decorating just one wall in a contrasting color can change the orientation of the room and provide a feature or point of interest. Selecting a wall and using stencils to create a bold pattern or colored motif along one surface of the room can achieve the same effect.

In kitchens and bathrooms, adjustments to cabinet hardware are an easy way for homeowners to add color without painting any surfaces, replacing tiles or carrying out any other remodeling projects. Cabinet pulls come in fabulously outrageous shapes and shades, including purple, terracotta and the “it” color for 2013 – deep emerald.

Don’t forget the outside world

With a vibrant palette of colors brightening up the inside of a home, it’s also worth considering ways to make the best of the exterior. Most color experts agree that the best way to treat contemporary homes is to stay away from extremes – so when choosing window and door surrounds to modify, aim to soften any existing colors while avoiding very dark hues and bright white, if possible. Shutters are another great way to add interest and color to wall openings. Interior shutters come in a variety of designs and colors and can, of course, be seen through glazed openings. Advances in design and technology mean that nowadays, quality shutters can be installed on doors as well as windows, including sliding patio doors. In design terms, color-matched shutters work well with most existing interior decor choices.

Color can really make that statement in your home, and can also be a fun conversation piece as well. Don’t be afraid of color in your home decor, and design. Have fun and choose your favorite colors too. Thanks for stopping in, jen

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