Kids Art and Homework Station

Hi there friends..
I am Super Excited to share a fun space “Kids Art and Homework Station” I created for my very favorite people in the entire universe,  my kiddos.
You see I had this DEAD space between where my counter and cupboards end in my kitchen and where my white hutch sits on the other side/end. This space has been driving me bonkers. I wanted to do a fun plate wall with a bench, but I had this cute dry erase calender that I painted and sanded yellow that I wanted to use as well. I figured the plate wall can come later when all my kids are grown out of this. winks. So I stared at this space and stared and thought Oh’ I could use my cute IKEA art display I purchased, but the space was still majorly lacking….
…… then I received this amazing email from “Staples” the generous folks at staples gave me a generous amount of money to spend and pick out what I wanted to use in a review. They truly came at the perfect time. Squeal!!! I found exactly what I wanted i.e. the table/desk, the wire metal baskets, the colored pencils, markers, and clipboards were all sent to me from Staples. The items I received helped me complete this fun
“Kids Art and Homework Station”
Best part, not only is it cute, colorful, and organized.. but my kids love love love it. It has been used a ton already.

So let me show you all some pictures…

Kids Art and Homework Station

Here is the before..

Here is the after!
kids art and homework station

My younger sister was over one day and she helped me create some cute stuff for this station. She came up with the idea of the Alphabet magnets for the word “Art” and she also came up with the idea of the cute kids clock using the same Alphabet magnets. Love it!

 I chose to hang up one of the wire paper baskets to ad more texture and to make it more “Artsy” but also to help show case  my kids art of the week, or month. They each get a week or a month, and when they do, I put their initial on the clip board holder. They love it, and feel extra special. The art below is something my son painted in 1st grade. I love it.
I used two more clipboards for both Preston and Arabella’s homework and or spelling words. Both their homework and spelling words stay on the clipboards until they complete their homework and have studied enough of their spelling words. When they are done with their homework they get to hit the “easy” button alerting me that they are finished… and it’s their favorite part.
Kids Art and Homework Station
 Here in this last shot, you can see how this space sits between my hutch and the end of my counters and cupboards.
Kids Art and Homework Station
{August 6th, 2012} Here are some recently updated pictures (better lighting and lens) I took with a thrifted vintage school chair I bought.
You too can try and create a space in your home that is functional and makes you and your family happy. Creating a functional space doesn’t have to be costly either, a lot of the items you see, such as the tins, jars, calender, chair and other things I had in my home and simply just shopped my home for them. Score!!!
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  1. This is AWESOME!! I can’t wait until my little ones are old enough to utilize something like this. I love the colors and the wire basket that you used to display art work. Great job!

    We’d love for you to link this up at our new link party, Much Ado About Monday!

    ~Emily @ Huckleberry Love

  2. What a great space!

  3. Love it Jen! So pratical and colorful and fun! Superb idea! Angie xo

  4. Would love to find out more about the desk/table you’re using.
    Am I correct in thinking it’s from Staple? And if so, do you have a name or model number or even better a link?
    Thanks in advance.
    You work station is lovely.

  5. Hi Jen, I would really like to know more about that desk too. Which one is it? It looks perfect for an area in our house…

  6. do you have instructions on how to do the calendar and the clock? and what am I looking for and where do I find the wire thing?

  7.' Anonymous says:

    I love your homework station! I especially love the desk , is there more info on the desk? Thanks!

  8. Hi,

    Can you tell where you got the suspension with cliops for artwork?

    Thank yoU!

  9. I am in love with the “art clothesline” where you can click the art work up. How did you create that? I need one of those for my house!

  10. I love this Jen! I would like to feature your homework station in a round up on West Valley Moms blog with a direct link back to this post. Do you mind if I use one photo? Thanks so much!

  11. You have done something really creative for your kiddos. You really lighten up that place with you creative mind. That vintage school chair is also a good idea. Hopefully your kids loved it.

  12. Very good idea, really appreciate it. Kids will learn more things with this. This will make them more creative. Helpful blog by you.

  13. This is awesome work done by you. Kids will surely enjoy this environment while studying. A good environment is very helpful, thank you for this blog.

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