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Noel Pottery Barn Knockoff and My Christmas Entry Way

-Hello and Welcome to COM-

Today I am going to share with you my Christmas Entryway. I couldn’t for the life of me decide what to do with my entryway table, but eventually decided that some of my Nutcracker collection needed to adorn my table. 

My entryway is fairly large, and all though I would still like to do some kind of stencil wall treatment, ad a long carpet runner, and place a bench under the long mirror… HA- this is it for now. 

I didn’t buy anything to create this look, I shopped my home and Christmas Decor and then played around positioning and rearranging things until I liked them. 

So how is your Christmas coming along? 

I normally have all  my Christmas done before December 1st. but this month with the move and all I have been busy and a little behind. I can finally say now, that it’s all done. I can now focus on Christmas gifts. 

So here is my Christmas Entryway. Thank you as always for stopping by COM today. 


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