Beautiful eBook Review- {Bittersweet Walnut Grove}

While reading books anytime of the year is great and good for the brain…. there is really no better time to “REALLY” enjoy a book, then during the fall and winter time. I love to cuddle up on a couch, near the lite tree, with some hot cocoa and get lost in a book. I also love when a book has beautiful images to look at, or is informational and shares crafts, or DIY projects. What could be better really? Most the time when we read a great book, we use our imagination and picture what the scene would be like, but seeing gorgeous eye candy images is even better. You can get lost in the photo, and imagine yourself there or what it would of been like, its just awesome.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing a book inspired by a lovely Mother and Daughter team. 
“Bittersweet Walnut Grove” 
is the name. 
The book is filled with family jokes, lessons learned, and photos right from their scrapbooks. You will learn to create in this book? You will learn how to make simple projects and tasty treats from the heart- packaging them together to make a heart melting gift for someone special. 

Who is the book for? If you find the winter season dull and uninspired or if you ever got a handmade gift and wished you could have made something as fabulous – this book is for you!

DO YOU NEED SPECIAL SKILLS? The projects and recipes featured in this book do not require a skill set. All instructions are easy to follow and can easily be shared with your kids. Also you won’t need to spend a lot of money to create these projects 90% of the projects can be made with the supplies you have on hand. None of the sweet simple projects will require expensive machines, and our simple enough to make again with stuff you may already have. Not a lot of time will go into the projects either.


The book contains 10+ simple projects and treats that even your kids can create!

Here’s a peek inside:
– Cranberry Scones
– Snow Stamped Mug
– Orange Spiced Tea
– Hand Warming Hearts
– Bittersweet Marshmallows
– Little Tarts
– Mom’s Hot Cocoa
– Sweetheart Banner 3 ways
– Gratitude Gift
Let your creativity begin with:
– Quick & Easy Projects
– Letters From Mom
– Captured Winter Beauty
– Secret from the Sister

There are many beautiful images, sweet thoughts, tips, and remembrances in this lovely book. I know you all would love it as much as me. I felt so much love and warmth reading this book. I would give anything to walk down that snowy white “farm road” heading home, where a cup of “moms” hot cocoa with a cinnamon stirring stick awaits me. pure “BLISS!”

Tiffany and Kristy are offering a free CD label you can use with the ebook to make a cute little gift. To order the WONDERFUL ebook visit HERE

From the Woman of Walnut Grove
Tiffany Hinton 
Kristy Doubet Haare

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely creative and yummy book with me. It was truly a delight! Jen