Home Decor {Gallery Wall Nook}

Today I am sharing my “Gallery Wall Nook” its been dressed up with a little bit of Christmas as well. This nook, is just passed our entry way kind of in a hall, it was a fun little space to spoof up.

Pictures of my four children hang in this space…

I love walking passed this space and seeing my family.. 
“My Children”

..and here are the pictures!

The black cubby I found at the D.I. /like a Goodwill for .50 cents, and I just placed wood stamps in it to spell out “Family” (sorry its not super clear, i was to lazy to re-shoot)

“Frosty the Canvas Snowman” I made last year. The rope and ribbon cone trees I made as well. 

That’s it. 
Thank you ubber much for stopping by.
Hugs, jen


  1. Love the bright pops of color and the chevron runner!

  2. Oh my gosh! Everything about this is adorable 🙂 I want to make that snowman so badly…the color combination is fabulous!!


  3. Jen, your snowman is ADORABLE!!! But I think the photos of your Sweeties,take the cake 🙂

  4. I love the picture gallery. I love the sign too. I always wanted that sign. The Christmas decor looks wonderful too.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. What colour is the blue paint?? It’s a wonderful blue!

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