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Advent Calender from Recycled Baby Food Jars

So about three weeks ago I mentioned on FB how I thought of something really cute (i think anyway) to make for Christmas. I have hung onto baby food jars for so long now that I had exactly “25” saved up WA-HOO! I had mainly large baby food jars, but I did have some small ones too. I new right away, that I would be using them for an Advent Calender. I routed around in the garage for something large enough that would hold the jars in the shape of a Christmas Tree. I found a printed picture in a frame, so I just removed the picture. I used the fairly sturdy cardboard to hot glue down all my jars that were numbered in dark turquoise vinyl. I then mapped out my layout of the jars and got hot gluing. I added “4” treats to each jar by placing them into small clear goodie bags. My kids can just reach into the jars and pull out the bags and each have a treat. The whole project took me about 3 hours, and it was great working on it after the kids were in bed and hubby was playing his video game. I love late night crafting. 


My kids were so tickled with it when they saw it today after school. I had all the supplies but candy to make this, so that was GREAT!

I will be back after THANKSGIVING TO SHARE MY HOLIDAY “new” HOME with you all. 
lots of love and safe travels.
HUGS, jen
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8 thoughts on “Advent Calender from Recycled Baby Food Jars

  1. Super cute! Have you ever made the lighted Christmas baby food jar trees?You spray paint the lids and then poke holes in each lid so the lights can go in.Then you glue the lids on the jars and glue the jars to each other to form a tree shape(I use E6000 glue).Cover the sides with ribbon and use a strand of Christmas lights, a few bulbs in each jar.My husband’s grandmother made one for me with my now teenage son’s baby food jars.I loved it(until I accidently dropped and broke it).

  2. It is very cute, but it is not an Advent calendar. Advent is the religious season leading to the birth of Christ. Because Advent is part of the church calendar, it is not the same number of days each year. It is not 25 days. This is a Christmas countdown, not an Advent calendar.

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