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Silhouette Portrait Giveaway with COM-Monday


over a $199.00 Dollar Giveaway
1- follow Silhouette on FB
2- follow Silhouette on Pinterest
3- follow COM on FB
4- Tell me what your favorite Christmas Present was as a child?
I will announce the winner on NOVEMBER 23rd SO HURRY, AND ENTER EACH one separately to increase your win.
Hugs, jen


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372 thoughts on “Silhouette Portrait Giveaway with COM-Monday

  1. My favorite Christmas present as a child was the Super Spirograph. I loved all the color shapes and colors.

  2. My favorite Christmas present as a child was a portable cd player and some cds. We always used to take long trips to visit family and so when i got the cd player it made the car rides seem much shorter and more enjoyable! I dont think i put it down for one second back then!

  3. My favorite present growing up was my American Girl Doll. I got Samantha. She still looks brand new and I look forward to giving her to my daughter when she is bigger.

  4. My favorite Christmas gift ever was a long weekend away with my now hubby. No kids, tv, or cell phones. Just us in a log cabin in the mountains with lots of snow and a fireplace!!!

  5. My favorite gift was a refurbished pink bike my mom got me…it had a big banana seat, streamers on the handles, and a flowery basket on the front! 🙂 Happy holidays!

  6. Following, Following, Following! Hard to pinpoint my favorite gift as a child. . .could be my easy bake oven or the interior design drawing kit. . .or maybe the barbie bus! Remember how big that thing was! LOL!

  7. When I was younger (much) my favorite gift was A Ken doll to go with my Barbie doll, I think that was 1959 or 60, still have bubble hair barbie, but ken was in Viet nam and never came back! or so my brother said in the 70’s.

  8. My Favoirte Christmas present was a record player. I wrote Santa a letter this particular year and everytime we went shopping I would walk buy it looking at it longing to play with it. Christmas morning and I was shocked and amazed it was wrapped with a pretty red bow. Kids now a days don’t even know what this is. I loved my record player 🙂

  9. I can’t remember what it was called but favorite Christmas present was a bunch of pipes (like PVC pipes) with connectors, wheels, and other extras. My siblings and I made all kids of things out of these toys!

  10. My fav gift when i was younger was a barbie dream house! I asked for it for months. I was so excited. Then I played with it like 5 times LOL! Happy Thanksgiving! CallyAnn

  11. My favorite Christmas gift as a child was a 12 string guitar..I loved it until I realized it would hurt my fingers until I got callusses on them,lol

  12. I did all the ‘following’! My favorite Christmas present was a balerina! She was about 3 feet tall and had a crown on her head and you could pull the middle of the crown up and then push it down and she would spin in circles. I loved her!

  13. I really can’t remember a special Holiday gift, I do remember a playhouse my Dad built in our backyard! It was awesome! Thanks for this crafty giveaway! It’s going to make someones Holiday super special! 🙂

  14. My favorite Christmans present…I really don’t remember a present. I remember favorite traditions and ornaments made by family members. One made with an old card and a tin can, that was just so shabby sheik and sentimental! Thanks for the chance to win. cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  15. My favorite toy I got for Christmas were my dolls. I used to love playing baby dolls! I still have my two favorite dolls and I am 28 (29 on the 6th of dec) years old! I want to pass them down to my little girl if/when I have one!

  16. my ultimate favorite toy is the hello kitty dollhouse i got from my dad i waited for it for 2 years and when i got it it was so surreal

    i follow you on FB both Silhouette & craft o mania also follow Silhouette on Pinterest!


  17. My favorite gift as a kid was a black member’s only jacket with my initials on it. I was the only kid in school other than my brother to own one.

  18. My favorite gift I received as a child was a doll I named Cindy. I am fairly certain she was replaced a few times after being left outside, ran over, etc. but the “last” Cindy doll is now my daughter’s and she loves that it was mine as child.


  19. I already like you in FB. Now I like Silhouette too in FB & Pinterest. My favorite gift was probably my stereo with a Led Zeppelin album when I was a teen.

  20. I did all my following so now I’m here to tell you about my favorite gift.

    It was a gold necklace and children’s book, “The Stinky Cheese Man.” It was sent from 350 miles away, from the cutest boy in the world. I got it when I was in High School. Now he’s my Hubs. That was over 15 years ago. We read that story to our daughter all the time.

  21. I already like you on fbook.
    I like Silhouette on fbook and pinterest.
    My favorite gift was the Barbie Dream home! I was too excited when Santa left that under the tree.

  22. My favorite present as a child was barbie doll that was Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block!!! I still have him and now my daughter plays with it!

  23. I did all the above! My favorite Christmas present as a child was a sketchbook & pencils & pens…from an early age my parents have encouraged my creativity and expression through art! Thanks for the chance of receiving this great giveaway!

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