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Hi Guys, so as I have mentioned here and there, we have moved into a new place and we are still room by room settling in. There are some fun walls, nooks, and spaces in the new place. Today I am sharing a wall that sits between the door to the garage and the door to the laundry room. This wall was the perfect fit for my bookcase (that I still want to paint white… one day) Anyway, I shopped “MY HOME” and found stuff to create my Gallery Frame and Star Wall. A FREE created space, WOOOOT!

P.S. I will tell you what inspired me to create this wall…… 

You see that green 3-d star? WELL’ it fits perfectly over the UGLY thermostat- HA! when we need to adjust the thermostat we just lift it off. I put the star over it, and BAM- it was a perfect un-awkward fit. So’ my green star inspired my entire wall look and design. 

So I hope that this wall has inspired you all to think OUTSIDE the box.. your “Gallery Wall” doesn’t have to just be different sized frames. You can mix it in with stars or something else in a theme that you like. Also, if you are looking to make your gallery/art wall look super sleek, a bit modern, and organized, try picture hanging hardware  it would be a great alternative, and PERFECT solution to try. 
So here is my “Gallery Frame and Star Wall”

So that is one more space down.. MORE TO come. 
Thanks for stopping by.
HUGS, jen


  1. That is SO cute! I am obsessed with stars! I love what you have done!

    I recently just hung a huge “House Rules” board over our breaker panel. Looks SO much better than a huge ugly panel!!

  2. I love that your gallery wall isn’t just a bunch of picture frames! Great idea!

  3. noreply@blogger.com' Jane Melburn says:

    I could use some of these in my Carson Catalina apartments! These frames are too cute!

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