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DIY Christmas Stenciled Glassware with Martha Stewart Crafts

How much fun is it to play with new crafting supplies? “SO FUN!” I had the pleasure of digging around in my box of Martha Stewart Crafts from Plaid as part of a Christmas Craft Campaign through Blue Print Social. I love CRAFT supplies!
I used some fun Martha Stewart Stencils and some Martha Stewart Glass paint to create these two super SIMPLE glassware projects. SERIOUSLY you can GO CRAZY and do tons of glasses, plates, and just about anything you want. GREAT customized Christmas Gift ideas too.
So here is my stenciled Snowflake Mug. The mug was a recycled and cleaned out jam jar I had. I simply put on the screened stencil and added a bit of paint and then used my silicon stencil applicator and wiped over the stenciled screen. I then peeled it off carefully and it was done. Honestly like 60 seconds and your done with each stencil you do.
I then moved onto a candy dish I have had for some time and stenciled on a “C” and a round dotted circle.
“C” for Candy Canes, Candy, or Cookies! YUM!

I HAD SO MUCH FUN, AND can’t wait to create some more.

Thank you Blue Print Social- Plaid- and Martha Stewart “DREAMY” craft products.
xo, jen

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I received product and payment via The Blueprint Social (www.theblueprintsocial.com) for this post, however, opinions are 100% my own.

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