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DIY Stenciled Pillow from Paint A Pillow

Hi friends, I am excited to share this fun project with you all. I received this beautifully wrapped up Paint a Pillow in a nice pillow kit. So today’s post is DIY Stenciled Pillow from Paint A Pillow. This idea is so darn clever, and so darn easy, and so darn fun. Keep reading friends.. keep reading.

diy stenciled pillow


Um’ HELLO! A stencil that is held into place by fasteners? BRILLIANT! Plus the pillow form is covering a piece of cardboard, again Brilliant. I love everything about this Paint-A-Pillow. Please be sure to watch my “Un-veiling Paint-A-Pillow YouTube video below. I go over everything in the box and show you all the goodies inside. Seriously this idea and product is darn awesome, and I love that since it comes all nicely placed in a carry package with handle and all… that you can take it to a crafting night etc. I loved my whole experience reviewing this product, and I am so glad I have one more pillow to do. YAY!

diy stenciled pillow full stencil

diy stenciled pillow1


diy stenciled pillow4

diy stenciled pillow bed1

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  1. URL This is brilliant idea & so pretty wish knew of it be great for Christmas & birthday gift’s Thank’s ,OH can we order then or just for bloggers ???

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