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Candy Corn Themed Piano

Hi Guys-

Well the Halloween decor continues, I have one other small area to show you after this one, and then I am pretty sure not “entirely” sure that I won’t have any more Halloween posts. I know for me its crazy not to LOVE Halloween, but I have read comments in the past from people saying they hate all things Halloween… ACK-SQUEAL! To each their own. 
OK’ so today I am sharing my “Candy Corn Themed Piano” I showed you all earlier my candy corn and skull painted bags here. I hung the bags onto a branch I got from my back yard. I stuck the branch down into some styrofoam and added some filler stuff to the top. I then took some sparkly orange stryrofoam balls off the branch they came on, and stuck them onto the ends of the tree branches to add more flair.
The large canvas bag you see, was also painted to resemble candy corn, and too was painted like my smaller candy corn bags. You can find all sized cotton bags from State Line Bags here.

GOOD TIP: To maximize my candy corn in the candle jars and have them stretch further, I used large baby food jars. Place the baby food jars down in the center of your candle urn and then pour the candy corn around the baby food jar, evening out the candy corn. Then place your medium candle down on top, pouring a little bit more candy corn. 

Here are the pictures.


Have a lovely day.
hugs, jen

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