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Poker Game Night Adult Party

PLAN A FUN POKER NIGHT AND OR GAME night for your friends.

One of the more popular spectator games on TV is poker. The reason behind this is that
many people that watch also play the game at some level. Some play at the casino and
are well versed in poker etiquette and all things poker. Other players have home game
parties with their friends and play purely for the fun of it. For those of you that enjoy
playing poker but have never put together a home game party, here are a few tips to
running a home poker party.

 all pictures are from Super Mom Moments
A party just isn’t a party without the right food, but you don’t have to have extravagant meals for your party guests. Simple chips and dips, a veggie tray, or hot dogs with soda would be great. I love the idea of popcorn like the above picture. You could even go more “theme appropriate” and make poker themed cookies or brownies. By this you would essentially cut out your cookies or brownies in the shape of a card, and decorate them to look like the cards. You could make a bunch of aces so your guests could have an “ace up their sleeve” instead of  always relying on their bluffing skills winks. 

Keep the Theme in Mind While Decorating:

There are a couple of crafts you could make while preparing for the party that could add
a nice touch to the game but won’t break your budget. The first would be making some
playing card coasters.

You could do this in a couple of way. If you already have some small coasters, you
could cut out playing cards to make inserts for your coasters. Another option would be to
maybe use either cardboard or old bar style coasters, cut them down to playing card size
and then glue playing cards to either side. If you attached to both sides, have the back of
one card on one side and the face of the card on the other.

You can make 26 of these coasters with a single deck of cards, and many dollar stores
sell decks of cards. Some even have two decks for $1. These coasters can be a cute way
to help protect your table from rings.

Another use for playing cards is making your own streamer or banner. Take the cards
and cut them into triangles and then attach them to the streamer by alternating them with
one facing one forward and the other facing backwards. This will produce the same
effect on either side that the banner is viewed.

Have fun planning your Game night Poker night for your adult friends, and have fun.

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