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Beautiful Master Bedroom Makeover from The Ivy Cottage Blog

Hey y’all!  This is Amanda from The Ivy Cottage Blog!  I am so happy to be here today while Jen is at EVO!

A little bit about me before we get to the really fun stuff . . .
I am a wife,
a mom of two,
an avid crafter
and lover of all things vintage.
I have a weakness for chocolate donuts and glitter.
Besides my full-time of job of chasing two kiddos, I also run a wedding decor design business called High Fire Designs.

I have been carefully picking my way through my home over the last three years, redoing rooms as I see fit . . . my latest completion is a Vibrant Coastal Master Bedroom and you are seeing it’s exclusive debut today, here on Craft-o-Maniac!

Just to give you an idea of the “Before”, here is a photo of my bedroom from Christmas.  Nothing overly wrong with it, but just didn’t fit our joyous and busy lifestyle.

My master bedroom is a small space filled with awesome lighting and high ceilings.  The carpet is neutral and the walls are a linen color that I painted a few years ago.  After a recent vacation to the beach and a ton of inspiration from all y’all fellow bloggers, I designed a room filled with color, personal touches, and a comfortable style that is perfect for a cat nap in the afternoon, snuggling with the kiddos, and settling down in the evening with a good book (I am currently reading Game of Thrones).


The lovely, colorful quilt on the end of the bed was the jumping off point for the whole room . . . plus, it was a steal at $29.99 at SteinMart.

I nabbed this pillow at SteinMart as well in the clearance section for a mere $6 and added a ton of vintage buttons to jazz it up.  I’ll have a tutorial for this pillow coming up in the next few weeks.

Check out the headboard . . . I have a lovely set of matching wood furniture that I purchased before I realized that I did not want a lovely set of matching wood furniture.  The bed is breathtaking and I hated to paint it, so I fashioned a simple, no-sew, non-permanent solution which you can catch on my blog next week.  Y’all are going to love it!  It may change your entire existence . . . fo real, y’all.

Moving around the room, you can see the vintage, iron trellises that I hung on either side of the bed.  They have a great aged quality to them and add some great texture and depth.

To the right of the bed is a large painting that I painted with a few tubes of acrylic paint.
See how well the painting coordinates with the inspiration quilt?  They are the only two things in the entire room that have all of the same colors.  This is a great tip for bringing continuity into your space . . . have at least one item with every color in your color scheme.

Under the painting is a simple bench that the hubby and I worked on together.  It is constructed out of plumbing pipe and we love the industrial meets drift wood feel of the bench.  Of course, you can find a tutorial for this little lovely on my blog in the future.  I am ALWAYS happy to share the how-tos, where-froms, and how-muches!

To the left of the bed is a large dresser from my lovely matched wood furniture set.  I had been debating whether or not to paint the top of the dresser as well as the nightstands . . . the furniture is dark and heavy, plus it show a ton of dust . . . and yes, I suck at dusting.  In the end, this post by Alison of The Modern Cottage Company via Perfectly Imperfect, pushed me over the edge.  I added a few coats of Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey Chalk Paint to the tops as well as the mirror.

The paint really goes a long way to opening up the feel of the room and creating an airy atmosphere.
Recently, I have leaned more towards accessories that have personal meaning to me rather than just being pretty.  You can see some pictures of the kids, hubby and me as well as a framed piece of antique crochet by a family relative.

My wonderful friend, Elizabeth, owns her own floral shoppe and indulges me when I swing by.  Thanks for the flowers, Elizabeth . . . they definitely added a pop!  I highly suggest finding a florist and becoming friends pronto 😉 . . . Elizabeth is a huge source of inspiration and creativity.  Love!

And because one of my weakness is glitter, there had to be a little bit of bling in the room.  I choose these metallic candle holders from Marshall’s to catch the light and cast a romantic glow in the evenings.

As for the other personal accessories, here are a couple of photos of my kids (Ivy and Geoffrey) at the beach.  I added a few “angel wing” shells that we found together and voila! . . . a lovely personal reminder of our time together.  You can find a step by step tutorial for this project here.

On the other side of the room backed by a vintage trellis (found on Craigslist for $25 for two) is a maternity shot of the hubby, me, and soon-to-be Geoffrey as well as a sweet collection of vintage medicine bottles purchased at a flea market.

I love the aqua color of the bottles!

 Believe it or not, there is still one more wall that I haven’t shown you . . . but it is still waiting on one large accessory that we are currently saving for . . . check back later!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Vibrant Coastal Master Bedroom!  Every time I walk in, I feel a wave of calmness and relaxation . . . perfect for a busy mommy!

Stop by The Ivy Cottage Blog anytime and say hi, y’all!  My blog is filled with tons of inspiration and detailed how-to tutorials.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Jen!  I have been following your blog for a few years now and it never ceases to inspire.
WOW Amanda the room transformation looks beautiful and I love what you did with your headboard, great colors also.

Your photographer friend Jason did a fantastic job as well taking such beautiful photos. 
Thank you for sharing this lovely room with all of us today.

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Master Bedroom Makeover from The Ivy Cottage Blog

  1. Oh, I just love those colors! It’s a lot better than before the make-over. That monogram pillow is awesome – did you just add the buttons or the letter, too?

  2. I love the new look. Those trellises are so great I love what they bring to the room. I also like the candle holders. Like the added touch.


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