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Summer Survival Kids at home Movie

I thought it would be fun to do an at home movie for the kids. I wanted it to be extra special from the normal at home movies. So I bought long licorice ropes and popcorn containers. I got things all ready for the kids and had them each pick out a movie…. which by the way ended up being Bedtime Stories… Eh’ kids! at least they all mutually agreed on it.

This was such a simple thing to do for my kids, and they felt special. “Summer Survival you all. WINKS!”

it was a hit!!!

-the licorice ropes and popcorn containers I got at Ace Hardware in my local town. 

I hope this “Summer Survival” idea helps you all out! 
winks, jen
linking to Blissful and Domestic for Summer Fun Party here

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10 thoughts on “Summer Survival Kids at home Movie

  1. My Target has similar popcorn containers in the $1 section. I think doing things differently than normal makes everything a bit more fun!

  2. We try to do this at our house every few weeks. We will go to the store just to pick out a candy for each of us and make popcorn in the popcorn maker. Our kids love when we have a “special” movie night!!

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