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“14” Snowed In Activities for Kids

“Ahhhhhhh” is that how you are feeling because you are “Snowed In?” I watch the news, and Yes’ read facebook status updates, so I have been seeing how some of you are on day 4 or 5 of being snowed in,  and your kids are home from school “AGAIN!” Well’ I am here to help. Today I am sharing a fun round up of “14 Snowed in Activities for Kids!” I sure hope that these activities and some treats help you and the kids stay happy and sane.

Lets get started with these “14 Snowed in Activities for Kids!”  Have fun and enjoy.

snowed in activity collagePM

Make Olaf Snowman Treats!- Source She Knows.

snowed in actvities olaf snowman treat 

Make DIY Slime!- Source Tot Treasures.

snowed in actvities slime7 

Make DIY Shower Curtain Ring Bracelets!- Source The 36th Avenue. 

snowed in actvities fabric bracelets 

Make DIY homemade fruit roll ups!- Source Free Time Frolics. 

snowed in actvities homemade fruit roll ups 

Make DIY Marshmallow Toothpick Structures!- Source Really Quite Lucky.

snowed in activities marshmallow toothpick building 

Make a Homemade Snowman Pizza!- Source Delia Creates.

snowed in actvities snowman pizza-001 

Make DIY Homemade Playdough!- Source Modern Parents Messy Kids.

snowed in actvities homemade playdough 

Make A Pool Noodle Race Track!- Source Lindsay & Drew.

snowed in activities pool noodle 

Make Homemade Jello Art!- Source Intimate Weddings. 

snowed in actvities jello art 

Make DIY Paper Plate Snowmen!- Source I Heart Crafty Things.

snowed in actvities paper plate snowmen 

Enjoy some Disney’s Frozen Printable and Coloring Sheets!- Source Mom Endeavors.

snowed in actviites frozen printable actvities 

Make A DIY Balloon and Paper plate Ping Pong’s!- Source The Weekend Homemaker.

snowed in actvities balloon ping pong 

Make DIY Beaded Necklaces!- Source Craft-O-Maniac.

bead necklaces


diy bead necklaces 

Make a DIY Hopscotch Board with tape or stencil one!- Source Haga 26.

snowed in activites diy hopscotch 

Now if you hear those works I am bored… I hope these ideas come in handy.

Again Enjoy, Have Fun, and Keep Warm! jen

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