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DIY Easter Bunny Stenciled Favor Bags

Hey Guys, well I am two Easter crafts in now, HA! I have learned how to slow down, because otherwise it is just way to much work, and way to exhausting. I still am in a bit of a craft rut. Blah, do you ever get in those? I could tell you a big reason why? but I will wait until I have official news as to why I have just been 
craft-o-poo-o! HA!

Anyway, I am sharing a simple 20 minute craft. I used some cute drawstring bags, a Martha Stewart Holiday stencil, some acrylic paint, and a stencil brush. I stenciled on the bunnies first, and then the grass. I blotted the paint with a folded up paper towel after each stencil application. I took some regular sized white pom pom balls and cut them down to really small pom poms for the bunny foo foo cotton tails, and then I was done! I filled the bags with the best Easter Candy EVER!!! Cadbury mini eggs, uh-huh! 

So here they are..

…and there you have it!
and again these would be great for Easter Dinner Favors, or to place in your child’s Easter basket, or make a bunch for a Easter Advent, etc.
Thanks for stopping by friends.

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7 thoughts on “DIY Easter Bunny Stenciled Favor Bags

  1. ohhh! Soooo cute! I love them. I will HAVE to make some! Quick question (I’m kinda slow…)when you said you blotted them with a paper towel, did you do that BEFORE you moved the stencil or after? I guess if you don’t use too much paint, it wouldn’t really matter, but I have a feeling I would probably smudge it all up…

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