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Spring Home Decor – Shappy Old Crate with Filler’s

I tell you I must just be a lucky girl (sometimes) because when I eyeball something I really want at my favorite antique/consignment shop and I don’t get it, I wait and go back. When I go back it may be moved but its still there.. EEEEE! I eyeballed this super old (antique) crate that is heavy and sturdy, rustic and shabby. I new right away it would go on my kitchen table with some fun fillers. I also picked up some old antique silverware, the ball jar, and an old pastry blender LOVE LOVE. The other items I had and the old beat up vintage tea kettle was from another consignment shop I got 3 years ago. I played and played around until I got the look I wanted.

I totally wanted to spring it up. So I added a moss wicker nest with some speckled eggs, the basket of eggs, and the cute table runner underneath it all my mil made me a few years ago. I just love the colors so  much.

…. and here are some photos for ya. Loving this Spring Decorating, it’s truly fresh and fun.


Thanks for stopping by COM, I appreciate your visits. Lots of love, jen

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9 thoughts on “Spring Home Decor – Shappy Old Crate with Filler’s

  1. Aw super cute!! I never would have thought to piece all those items together. Very nice…
    x0 Jess

  2. Very nice! I love it! Augh this makes me want to try antiquing – but I know I would have a serious problem, because funds are tight and going into places like Tai Pan Trading make me go into an over-excited home-decor comatose state.

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