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Home Decor- Easter Decorated Piano Top

Well I just dove right into light fresh happy spring decorating. I just love Spring and Easter. I adore the colors so much. Today I am sharing with you my Piano Top. My piano was inherited from my Grandma Jean. She was one of the most talented pianist and had a voice on her too. She was many many wonderful things. Each holiday my grandmother would decorate the top of her piano too. She past two April’s ago, and I like to believe that each time I decorate my piano she comes to visit and see my work. I imagine her standing there in her sweet voice complimenting my decorating. I can hear her giggle and kind words, because she is just so tickled with my work and how it all looks. My grandmother’s love of being a lady and a homemaker of many talents, has carried on into my life. I grew up always seeing the many things she made pretty, lovely, cozy, and homey. I must it write much else for my eyes are feeling up with tears now. So with that said, here are some photos for ya.
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winks, jen
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12 thoughts on “Home Decor- Easter Decorated Piano Top

  1. Hello Jen,
    Your spring decorations are a wonderful tribute to your precious belated Grandma. I know that she is looking down from heaven and saying a “Job Well Done”.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. OH-So pretty and I love the way you feel about your gramma. I hope someday my grandkids will remember me as fondly. I’m sure she is watching over you from some Sweet Place~ xo Diana

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