Diy- Spring has Sprung Wreath and Tutorial

Hey Craft-O-Maniacs! I’m Abbey from  
The Cards We Drew! I’m so excited to be here today with my FIRST ever post as the “Craft” Contributor for Jen!!

I thought I’d start spring off right by making a “Spring Has Sprung” wreath for my front door! I’m in love with bright happy colors and spring is my favorite time of the year, so it’s a perfect way to celebrate! Let me show you how I made it…

Here’s what you’ll need:
Wreath form (I used a straw form and wrapped with spare felt to smooth it out)
Floral wire
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue
Embellishments of your choice: I used little chalkboards I had extra of, as well as some vinyl from my Silhouette to make the “spring has sprung” sign

 Wrap your straw wreath with yarn about 2/3 the way around the wreath form. I wrapped the base of my wreath with extra white felt I had on hand to try to make wrapping it easier and fill in any gaps.

I then cut out strips of green felt and cut zig zag’s into the top of them to make it look like grass. I ended up using about 12 strips total.

I then pinned my “grass” onto the wreath form using my best judgement. It won’t be “perfect” so just do your best to make it lay evenly on the wreath.

 Here’s the finished product with the “sky” and “grass” on the wreath

We then move on to creating our “springs” for the 3D flowers. {Thank God I got a manicure this week, huh?! LOL}. I wrapped the floral wire around my fingers to create the springs and then used wire cutters to cut off the excess.
There are tons of tutorials in blog land about how to make these flowers, so if my instructions aren’t great, google it and you’ll find some better ones most likely.

I made four different colored spring flowers for my wreath with different size “springs” to adjust for the middle of the wreath.

I then attached my 3D flowers onto my wreath using hot glue, excellent balancing skills, and patience. This step is really much easier if you have two sets of hands to help out.

I added a little chalkboard embellished with some little Pick Your Plum flowers and a “Spring Has Sprung” sign I cut out of vinyl on my Silhouette. I just used a pin to hold my chalkboard on so I could change it out if I ever wanted.

It’s now adorning my front door and makes me happy just looking at it!

Hope you enjoyed my “Spring has Sprung” wreath tutorial!! I had tons of fun making it and being here today! 
I’d love it if you stopped by The Cards We Drew sometime to say hi to me! Thanks Jen for having me as a contributor!!! I’m so honored!
Be sure to head over to her cute blog and pay her a visit or follow along. 

WINKS, jen


  1. Nice wreath!

  2. So fun and springy!I love the colors! AND I love your nail polish color in the pic of the wire twist 🙂

  3. That is so beautiful thanks for sharing..
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  4. Great tutorial. Love to make one

  5. Love the bright colors and fun textures in this wreath. So cute!!

  6. Super cute!! Definitely screams spring!

  7. I just cannot get over how cute this is! Its so cheery and springy. And thanks for the tip about felt wrapping a straw wreath form. Its just the help I needed!

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