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DIY Sprinkle Sealed Fortune Cookies

Hello Craft-O-Maniac readers! I’m Kelly from Smart School House and today I have a SUPER cute and SUPER sweet treat to share with you:
Sprinkle Sealed Fortune Cookies are the most adorable way to share a sweet treat! They are so colorful and so tasty. Plus, who doesn’t LOVE reading their fortune on the inside? I do!
These are the supplies you will need. I got everything from the grocery store. The almond bark is just like melting chocolate (which would also work perfectly for this DIY treat). The almond bark is located in the baking isle. 
First, melt your almond bark in the microwave according the instructions for that brand. Then, place the melted almond bark inside a baggie that is over a cup. Let the melted almond bark gather at one corner of the baggie. Cut off the corner of the baggie. Then, pipe the almond bark along the fortune cookie and dip the cookie into a bowl of sprinkles! The cooler the almond bark is, the less runny it will be.
I’m so in love with kraft paper tags and baker’s twine! I think they look adorable with the Sprinkle Sealed Fortune Cookies:
Do you love sweet treats? Then you MUST check out Frosted Ice Cream!
Thank you so much for having me Jen! See you next time:)
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