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DIY White Board Pockets

Hello and happy summer Craft-O-Maniac readers! Kelly here from Smart School House. Today I have a pretty little reusable craft for you! They are Whiteboard Pockets and are too cute to miss:
Have you seen the sticky back whiteboard yet? I recently found it at my local craft store and just HAD to buy a roll! The material is about the thickness of card stock, yet has the same usability as the typical white boards you seen in school or in an office place (perfect for crafting with). To make these adorable little whiteboard pockets, you need to download the template first. 
After you download and print the template, go ahead and cut it out (easy peasy!).
 Next, you want to cut out a piece of the sticky back whiteboard that is slightly larger than the template (the grid they provide makes this simple!). Peel back the paper to reveal the sticky surface and carefully place the paper template on top of it so they adhere together. Then, cut out the shape of the template again like so: 
Now that you have the template ready in the white board material, next comes the folding part. I’ve made these visual directions for you below. I recommend using some sort of quick drying glue to hold the sides together).
Now how’s that for an easy and cute craft?! Since it is summer and most kiddos are out of school for awhile, I made my first pocket into “Pool Money” for when kids head out to the pool with their friends. I also thought it would be fun to make one for “Ice Cream Money” if you know the ice cream truck will be coming by. The possibilities for these cute little pockets are endless.
Thanks for having me over Craft-O-Maniac readers! See you next month!
Very clever and cute too. I love that you included a downloaded template, thank you so much Kelly.

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