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{{Spring Wreath & Front Door}}

SPRING IS IN THE AIR….. and I am in love. I keep day dreaming of cute sandals with cute painted toes. Did I say LOVE! 
I got to work on a Spring wreath today, and a simple banner.

I started with a cute piece of yellow damask fabric I ordered from fabric.com. I sewed/ruffled the fabric in two places down the cut fabric.

Next I laid it across my 12×12 chunky canvas board from Canvas Corp. I hot glued the top and bottom to the underneath of the board.

Next I cut a long piece of canvas cloth fabric and used thumb tacks to tack the fabric to the back of the canvas board. Then I cut the fabric in the middle and tied a knot in the center for hanging.

Next I hot glued down some eggs I had on top of a letter “L” I made early last spring. The “L”  is made from tracing a letter onto styrofoam board, cutting it out, spray painting it green, and hot gluing down a few different choices of moss.
Next I added some cute canvas flowers from Canvas Corp. that I hot glued down. I cut out some pennant shapes and some circles for the center of the canvas flowers. I hot glued down the the pennant banner and I was done.
 I made a banner from pre-made Canvas Corp. tags. I cut out an H and a P from some fabric and hot glued them to the canvas pennants. I also clipped a canvas flower to the center pennant as the “O” in “HOP!” I added and clipped some topiary balls to the garland as well. 

Thanks friends for stopping by today.
Oh’ and here is A FREE PRINTABLE MADE BY YOURS TRULY! (right click mouse, save picture as, save printable, upload to be printed, pick up, frame, enjoy.)


now bring on Easter.
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6 thoughts on “{{Spring Wreath & Front Door}}

  1. LOVE the wreath and IN LOVE with that garland that you hung above it! think i must do the same at my house! thank you for the idea!!!

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