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{Meet. Mr. Block Head Franky}


I thought of this project when I saw some chunky Hex Bolts on my hubbies tool bench. HA! I went to Home Depot and picked a large board out of their scrap wood and had a guy cut it for me at 13 inches. I got the piece of wood for 50 cents. Craft stores should carry wood too, but if you want it bigger I say Home Depot or Lowes. I also bought 2 hex bolts (because hubbies were different sizes) I picked up apple green acrylic paint and black acrylic paint as well as googly eyes at Roberts Crafts. All of the other products I used, are ones I had at home.
2×4 piece of wood cut to preference size (mine was 13 inches)
small piece of scrap wood about 1 inch x 1 inch for tooth
green acrylic paint
flat sided sponge brush
distress ink
googlie eyes
hot glue gun
black craft wire
small tipped paint brush
thick black foam board
2 Hex Bolts

The step by step collage is pretty self explanatory. I soaked the hex bolts in water mixed with some black acrylic paint, to  make them look dirty/used. This project was pretty darn easy, and would be super fun for a GIRLS NIGHT CRAFT NIGHT. I love my sister to death for painting the mouth and nose. Thanks Crystal.

 Hope you like MR. PLANK FRANK. 

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28 thoughts on “{Meet. Mr. Block Head Franky}

  1. I love this it is so cute! I am excited for fall…maybe I can get my husband to help me make one! I hope you will link this up to my Delight Me party over at Doodles & Doilies!

  2. Thanks for sharing your idea. We used your idea for my son’s school Fall Festival and they all came out so cute. Also the parent’s all love them so much.

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