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Featured Guest Post- Tres Chere- Gorgeous and Chic outdoor design

Hi! Angela & Debbie here from Tres Chere. We are a mother and daughter team new to the Blogging Universe, World, Community..whatever you call it. We like to have fun and sometimes we have a very odd sense of humor…as you will see in our post titles. We reached out to Jennie after reading about her “Craft Disorder”.  I’m sure we sounded like a bunch of dorks in our e-mail because we were gushing about our similar disorders, how we love Diet Coke too, blah blah blah. Well the good news is, we think she likes us because she e-mailed us back! Yay! We aren’t weird Blog stalkers!
While Curbside Treasure Hunting we found a set of Vintage patio furniture.

A friend of ours asked us to create an unexpected nook in her backyard under a beautiful Tibouchina Tree.  The tree has royal purple blossoms which bloom throughout the year. 

We decided on an Espresso color for the chairs so it wouldn’t compete with the beautiful Tibouchina tree and the darker color would hide the imperfections.
We found a gallon of “Oops” paint for $5.00 that appeared to be the Espresso color we were looking for. 
Debbie sprayed the furniture and once it dried….it looked like the color of poo!
Now we know why it was “Oops” paint

We had a very limited budget and we didn’t have time to repaint the entire set.

We figured once we styled it up it would tone down the Poo color.

We found two of these amazing light fixtures at the Thrift Store for $10.00 each. We used one for this project and kept the other one for ourselves. 
We ran an extension cord and in the evening it gives off the most amazing glow!
We decided to only use two of the chairs for this space.
For the back of the chairs we used a bed pillow and pillow sham.
The cushions are covered in white towels and the decorative pillow is covered with a Vintage hand towel.
We hung a curtain rod from the tree branches and draped white sheets over the rods and used moss found in the yard to tie the curtains back.
The mirrored glass tables were made by our friends father. Aren’t they amazing?
They add a touch of glamour to the space!
We found a mirror at the Thrift Store for $4.00 and painted it Aqua letting some of the original gold show through for an antiqued look. 
The dresser was found in a shed on the property and wasn’t being used.
We loved the color and the chippy look it had.
Our friend collects Milk Glass and what a perfect place to show them off with fresh cut flowers from the garden.

Overall Cost
Paint              $5.00
Mirror             $4.00
2 Sheets        $4.00
Hand Towel    $1.00
Blue Vase       $2.00
2 Shams        $2.69
Light             $10.00
Grand Total: $28.69

Not too Shabby!
When you create a space always look for anything you can re-purpose within your home. 
 For this project we used items found in our friends house, the dresser, milk glass, candle sticks and crystal holders, two mirrored side tables, a curtain rod, two pillows and two cushions.
“From Poo to Woo Hoo”

That is the prettiest POO I have ever seen. BAH. OK’ all joking aside can we say GORG. I mean who won’t be pinning this now. Thanks ladies, winks-jen

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