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Home Decor- {She finally met her owner}

Miss Tutsi Turquoise FINALLY found her home. That’s right, she was so meant to be apart of our family, and she is just so darn purdy.
Let me explain… HAVE you ever had a spot in your home that SOOO needed that perfect piece of furniture? Well this spot… (YEP’ you can see before shots below) has been empty for so darn long. I have wanted a chair in this spot forever, and have hunted forever too. I saw Miss Tutsi several several winks ago and a fav. antique store in my local town. Tutsi was love at first site, her previous owners loved her too, and already gave her a makeover, so I didn’t have to do a thing, except polish her up a bit. Plus her dark wood matched my other dark walnut wood. EEK. 
Anyway, I went back to the antique store today and she was still there, in a new spot…….. and even better she was reduced in price, I told the lovely gal that I had a strict budget and she totally knocked Tutsi down another $25.00 dollars. I was squealing inside. SHE WAS so waiting for me, and she was so meant to be. 
LOVE YOU Tutsi Turquoise. (she was given her name by her new owner… me)

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13 thoughts on “Home Decor- {She finally met her owner}

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