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Spooky Columbus, GA, Attractions to Check Out this Halloween

Columbus is a great city that knows how to get the most out of every season.  Whether you’re a longtime local or someone new looking at houses for rent in Columbus, GA, this city has something that will excite and thrill.  Each of these events is held by a local organization or business and offers the chance to support your community while having fun!

Fright Nights at the Arboretum

If you love Halloween classics like the Little Shop of Horrors and Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’ll love Fright Nights at the Arboretum!  Visitors are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets to sit on while they watch, and the show will run from seven pm to eleven.  Food and drinks will be available for purchasing, and seating areas will be marked to help social distancing.

Halloween Drive-In Movies

We all love a good drive-in movie!  Many outdoor spaces, like the St. Mark UMC parking lots, are being converted into drive-in theaters for anyone who wants to feel social without directly being around people. 

Most showings are between $0 to $10 per car, and you’ll be directed to which radio station to tune into so that you can hear the audio on the screen.  This is a fun throwback to the types of entertainment that used to be so prevalent and can be an awesome experience for anyone involved.

Animal Care Fall Festival

The Columbus Animal Care and Control Center is hosting a fall festival!  This festival offers everything from pumpkin carving, to a costume contest and more.  Hosted on Halloween, it’ll run from 11 am to 3 pm and gives locals the chance to give back to the local animal care and control center while having some fun and getting to know the other locals. 

October Fall Music Festival

If there’s anything Columbus knows: it’s great music.  The October Fall  Music Festival is brought to the area by Chattahoochee Brewing every year and offers food from local vendors. 

Music starts around noon on Halloween and runs through to 8 pm.  There are lots of attractions, fun games, and other things to do while you’re enjoying the local musicians!

Halloween Enchanted Forest

The Halloween enchanted forest is a fun hike that lasts between forty-five to fifty-five minutes and offers fun and spooky interactions with nature-inspired characters.

In addition, free hot chocolate is handed out to anyone who brings food bank donations, and new hikes are scheduled every ten minutes between 5:30 to 7:30 pm the week before Halloween.  This is fantastic for anyone who wants to give back to their community while having active fun with their kids.

Halloween Train

This fun Halloween-themed train ride allows kids and adults to dress up in costumes and travel on the SAM shortline around the neighborhoods and sights of Columbus, Georgia. 

Prices can be steep, with adults paying $25 and children being charged $15, but for families that live in the city, this can be a nice way to get out and enjoy the sights instead of trying to find a trick-or-treat friendly neighborhood.

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