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Home Decor- (Stenciled Wall)

I love my “Casablanca Trellis” Stencil from Royal Design Studio. Its super fab.

I had fun stenciling but I was off by a few hairs and just being off a tiny bit made things a little wonky. Oh’ well, I am a rookie stenciler so there were some hiccups, but I wasn’t going to start over. So I somehow embraced the goofs. All I ask is that you PPPPP-Please don’t study the wall for to long, please be nice and leave only nice comments too, if you don’t like it that is totally OK, just be nice. 

So here are my BEFORE AND AFTER Stencil Wall pics. 
I know you all are probably sick of seeing this mirror and table. I am still on the hunt for a great dresser that I can re-do and replace the entry table for. I have looked and looked but everything I find is to much, not salvageable, or already sold. So the search continues….




 The aqua dishes are from Tai Pan Trading.

winks, jen

linked up to 36th Avenue here. and TT&J here.

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24 thoughts on “Home Decor- (Stenciled Wall)

  1. that looks AMAZING!!! great job! i know you were stressed out about it (i “like” you on fb,lol) it looks fabulous though!! you have nothing to worry about! i could NEVER pull that off. I can see it now, my wall would be a disaster! haha!

    <3 Brittney
    *BeLove* Creations

  2. I love it! I am in love with the trellis pattern as well and I want to stencil it on something in my house too. The yellow color you chose is perfect too & gives the wall a little pop. If there are any mistakes on there I certainly can’t see them, so GOOD JOB!

  3. That looks fabulous! I admire your fearless crafting! I see so many things I’d like to try, but I can’t get past the fear of “craft failure”. 🙂 Great work!

  4. I didn’t see any mistakes, it’s beautiful. I love the color combo also. My whole house is going sunshine yellow, aqua blue and limey green. I feel happy just seeing those colors everyday.

  5. I LOVE your blog! Your creativity inspires me….your energy level exhausts me :-)and I always look forward to things you do! The stenciling is awesome!!! Good Job!

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