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Handmade Purse with Boys {TIE} Strap

I am still giving it my all with the sewing machine. This is my first {major project} I would say.
Again, its not perfect but I love it. I totally scored the fabric in Walmart’s fabric GO BACK stash (i don’t know what its called)…. you know the one that people decide they don’t want it and it goes in there? I got it for $1.49. its so cute. 

For the strap I used one of my sons church ties. He has plenty so I figured he could spare one. (actually he really didn’t spare it, I just took it.) I did not follow any pattern I winged the entire project. I also don’t dare touch pins yet. So nothing was pinned. I just took my time cutting straight lines, and lining it up properly to sew. AGAIN BABY STEPS. Eventually I will show tutorials when I feel I am more worthy of them. WINKS.

 I made a matching pouch, and I don’t dare try buttons or snaps yet…. soon.

thanks for stopping by. jen

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15 thoughts on “Handmade Purse with Boys {TIE} Strap

  1. love it!! So cute.
    I think that’s so funny you don’t use pins, I used them until I was really comfortable, but if you’re already there, that’s great!!
    Also when you are ready there are some very simple and easy zipper pouch tutorials out there. I think you will do great!
    Love the bags- I never thought of using a tie for the straps- awesome!!

  2. I love the colors and the fact that you used a neck tie for the strap 🙂 Very clever!

    I think you are doing so great with your sewing machine! I started sewing a little over a year ago and just LOVE it 🙂 It’s finding the time to sit down to finish a project (I hate to stop my sewing if my project is not complete) that’s the problem 🙂

    Nice job Jenn!!

  3. Cute. I guess great minds think alike. I finished Ellie’s corduroy zebra skirt this week and made her a matching purse with a ruffle at the top….I also made a zebra cell phone case for me with the left over fabric that looks similar to your coin pouch. HA! 🙂 Glad you are enjoying it. I knew you would love it once you got the chance!

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